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Academy Programs

As a Club it is our desire and commitment to develop our players into the best players they can be whilst making sure they are also enjoying themselves fully. Soccer being a team sport and with the summer being the height of team activities we feel it best to accommodate teams rather than individuals at this year’s Academy.  

We see a number of benefits with this new approach.  Our teams will participate on a particular week and work together improving on already established chemistry and this would also allow teams as a whole – coaches, players and parents to select a week in July and/or August that works best for everyone involved.


Academy staff will include 6 of our top club coaches and the player to coach ratio will be at least 7 to 1, which is an established practice in top European academies.  Our highly experienced and qualified goalie trainer will be in charge of our keepers and their development.  There will also be a fitness component to the Academy. Fundamental to the week is the co-ordination with team coaches, players and parents on where the teams are and so create a team-specific curriculum that will maximize benefit. Academy staff assigned to your team will watch one of your games and observe the needs of your team in advance to become better acquainted with each player and team involved.

A week long intensive Academy can be quite tiring on any player and so to aid recovery and development there will be no additional team practices that week allowing players evenings free to rest. The exception to this will be the case of a league or cup game over-which we have little or no influence. Current Club Policy allows for two weeks’ vacation for competitive players, however, teams attending the Academy will be allowed a third week subject to co-ordination by team managers in line with league schedules.  

Our professional staff has developed 2 age-specific programs, each offered for girls and boys teams in the NTSC Competitive Program. Follow the links below to view the programs offered:

U7 - U12 Age Groups

U13 - U17 Age Groups

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