Achieving Ball Mastery

Age Group: 6-11 years (U7 to U11 age groups)

Venue: Sunnybrook Park (click for map, directions and academy location in the park)

Time: 9 am to 4 pm 

Available Dates

Cost: $450 ($370 for 4-day weeks)    Early drop-off (8 am) / late pickup (5 pm) available upon request for an extra $60 ($48 for 4-day weeks) per family per week.  Registration done online.

In seeking to maximize each participant's contact with the ball, the NTSC curriculum coheres around the development and refinement of individual technique across the spectrum of core skills such as passing, ball control, dribbling, finishing, and overall ball mastery. The emphasis on ball familiarity is delivered through daily skill workshops, wherein coaches combine detailed instruction, demonstration and individual exploration with video analysis of professional role models from across the world of soccer. It is this comprehensive approach to skill development that allows our young players to progress their technical abilities at an optimal rate. The focus on individual technique is complemented by the afternoon sessions which challenge our participants to translate and perfect such skills within small sided games, group activities and in game scenario.          

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