"As many as possible for as long as possible, in the best environment possible."

Program Overview: Academy 2020 (Competitive Program Teams)

Venue: Eglinton Park 

Time: 9am-2pm Monday-Friday (Click for Academy map, sign-in, check-out and field locations)

Cost: $450 ($370 for 4-day weeks)

THE best environment possible means that at North Toronto Nitros Soccer our highly-qualified coaching staff seek to provide this - whatever the challenges that are thrown at us.

This year the COVID-19 outbreak has brought unprecedented times upon us but from Monday July 20 forward we will build an entertaining and adaptable program for our Competitive Program and Grassroots players at Eglinton Park.

The current restrictions mean that we have rebooted the schedule and teams' original Academy weeks may now CHANGE as we seek to give all our players the best experience possible.

In Phase One of Ontario Soccer's Return To Play this means we will continue with the nine player pods alongside a coach that has been a feature since our teams began to get back on the field together in early July.

Even though players must still be physically distanced until the provincial government moves us into the next stage the coaches look forward to crafting two innovative sessions each day.

These will be designed to improve the players' core technique and work on areas that can often see less focus in squad situations.


This year at Academy we will also see the introduction of Skill Zone where the players can work with the coaches on crossing and finishing functions with some fun new Nitros "toys" to help aid their development!

While we work under the restrictions of the Return To Play the traditional Academy day will be shortened from 9am-2pm. Pick-up for parents will be from 2pm-2.30pm

We will also plan to incorporate a cooling dip in the Eglinton Park pool into the players' week when we can and the Technical Staff look forward to welcoming our Nitros players to the remodelled Academy 2020.

Nitros OPDL Academy

Double Days Summer 2020

Venue: Eglinton Park (Click for Academy map, sign-in, check-out and field locations)

Time: Slots arranged and communicated by OPDL Head Coaches/Team Managers

THIS summer North Toronto Nitros Soccer's eight OPDL teams and our College Prep Men's and Women's squad returned to practice after the COVID-19 lockdown on Monday July 6.

As they relish the journey back from their three-month extended break for this year only there will be a different format to their Academy weeks.

Each week some of the teams will have the chance to enjoy Double Days as they do two sessions in one day beginning early at Eglinton Park within the Academy 2020 environment.

Then at night they will be at our OPDL training hub at Downsview after an afternoon of rest where they may enjoy another team-bonding activity before their second session of the day.

Double Days is our innovative solution for our Talented Pathway players for this year, in 2021 we will return to the Academy Week format that is such a staple part of the summer life of any Nitros player.

The #NitrosFuture weeks

Venue: Eglinton Park (Click for Academy map, sign-in, check-out and field locations) 

Time: 9am-2pm Monday-Friday

Cost: $450 ($370 for 4-day weeks)

THIS August in  #NitrosFuture weeks our emerging players - from those born in 2013 to our 2008 teams - will enjoy the Academy experience as we seek to maximise each player's contact with the ball.

At Nitros our curriculum centres on the development and refinement of individual technique across the spectrum of core skills such as passing, ball control, dribbling, finishing, and overall ball mastery.

The emphasis on ball familiarity is delivered through daily skill workshops as coaches combine detailed instruction, demonstration and individual exploration.

Our comprehensive approach to skill development allows our young players to progress their technical abilities at an optimal rate. As we move towards restrictions being eased we will seek to challenge our participants to translate and perfect such skills within small sided games, group activities and in-game scenarios.          

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