What to Bring to Camp?         

  • Soccer cleats or athletic/running shoes
  • Hat (to wear during rest periods)
  • T-shirt, shorts and soccer socks
  • Shin-guards with soccer socks covering them
  • Sunscreen
  • Snack (1) - Half-day campers *
  • Snacks (2) and Lunch - Full-day campers *
  • Hydrating fluids and/or water bottle (water fountain available to re-fill)
  • Epi-pen and medication, if needed.
    * Snacks and lunches must be peanut, nut and sesame seed free!!

Rain/Thunder Protocol

When it rains we will determine if it is too cold and wet to play on the field. The older groups will stay on the field longest but we will keep in mind keeping kids safe and making sure they are having fun. If we need to move indoors we will move into the clubhouse where kids can play board games, do arts and crafts and if it is an extended period of time we need to stay indoors we have the option to put on an appropriate movie! 

If there is lightning seen or thunder heard we must head indoors until 30 minutes of zero thunder or lightning has passed. This is in accordance with Ontario Soccer's Lightning Policy

Refund Policy

No registration onsite. No pro-rating the fees for missed days.

Refund policy: must be made in writing to administration@ntsoccer.com seven (7) days before the start of the camp week being cancelled. A $30 admin fee will apply. There’s no refund if a player withdraws due to medical reasons after the deadline set out above.

Must be registered to the Extended Care before the week starts. Late pick-up fees apply (at the discretion of the camp director) for those not registered to Extended Care.


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