Indoor Skills Development Camps

The objective of these programs is to provide further development to players in a positive fun learning environment. It focuses on developing soccer skills following North Toronto's club DNA and the Club's alignment to the Long-Term Player Development (LTPD)initiated by the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA). LTPD is a scientific model for periodized athlete training and development that respects and utilizes the natural stages of physical, mental, and emotional growth in athletes. These programs are designed as a player pathway that will help to develop a solid foundation towards future participation in soccer at North Toronto Soccer Club, and in school soccer.

Skills Development

The skills development program is designed to serve recreational players looking to grow in the game of soccer. Players will learn and improve new and existing technical capabilities and begin to understand how to transfer these into a game situation. The session completed will create players who are comfortable with the ball at their feet, and can address and succeed in any situation that may present itself. The environment created by coaches will challenge all players appropriately developing increased confidence and motivation to improve in soccer.

Development programs have been specifically designed for each age group; see descriptions below.

Each program is offered for either 10 weeks in the Fall, or 10 weeks in the Winter. Participants may choose one or both sessions.

We also have an Indoor Recreational League. Schedules allow players who wish to do so to participate in both Skills Development Camps and the Recreational League.

Parent & Tot **NEW** 
     players born in 2015

This year we are starting our Parent & Tot program on Saturday mornings at 9:15am in a school gym. This will be an opportunity to have fun with your child while working on their physical literacy and getting their first few kicks with a soccer ball.

Program dates, locations and fees:  Winter

Active Start 
     players born in 2013 and 2014

The objective of this Program is to provide our young players with a “pressure free” introduction to the beautiful and simple game of soccer. At this age, players should be exposed to soccer by playing simple, fun activities and games. The program is designed to provide young players with a combination of technical instruction and small‐sided games (age appropriate) in a fun environment. The focus is on the development of participant’s agility & co‐ordination, motor skills and more importantly team participation.

See also: Train to be a Nitro program for 2013 players, described below

Program dates, locations and fees:  Fall  |  Winter

FUNdevelopment - “Fun with the Ball”  
     players born in 2011 and 2012

This program focuses on teaching the fundamental aspects of sporting participation, encouraging each of our young players to master the basic techniques of soccer alongside the development of physical and movement literacy. In introducing children to the basic technical dimensions of the game, our program is designed to allow participants to explore with the ball, to engage with the core skills of dribbling, passing, and shooting in a competition free environment.

See also: Train to be a Nitro program for 2011 players, described below

Program dates, locations and fees:  Fall  |  Winter

Learn to Train – “Building the Player for Life”  
     players born in 2009-2010

At this stage, our program strives to guide the technical development of young players as they acquire a greater level of understanding of soccer and familiarity with the ball. In nurturing the child’s initial engagement with the game, our coaches deliver a program which emphasizes consistent child attachment to the ball, incorporating a high level of technique refinement as opposed to tactical or team play. The inclusion of structured small-sided games (4v4 up to 7v7) allows our young players to begin the process of transferring skills into game scenarios.

Program dates, locations and fees:  Fall  |  Winter

Soccer for Life – “Building the Player for Life”  
     players born in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008

As young players reach a level of technical competence and maturity, our program now seeks to combine technical and tactical instruction so as to maximize the translation of individual abilities and skills into game scenarios. While the curriculum at this stage remains premised on facilitating the overall mastery of core skills such as passing, dribbling, and shooting, it is complemented with a greater focus on defensive and attacking principles, game and positional awareness, as well as emphasizing the importance of combination and support play.

Program dates, locations and fees:  Fall  |  Winter

Train to be a Nitro for players born between 2011 and 2013

Program dates, locations and fees

Indoor PA Day Camps

Players born between 2005 and 2011

The PA Day soccer camps are designed to provide a mix of age-specific skills development, fun and games while parents are at work.

The program is being led by NTSC Technical Staff coaches from the grassroots programs.

Program dates, locations and fees

Winter Skills Camp