Referee Development

The NTSC utilizes a wide variety of referees in any given season. Some have been officiating for years, while others are just starting out. The goal of our referee development program, implemented in 2009, is to help ensure that our referees maintain a uniform standard of quality, and that referees who prove themselves to be capable and dedicated are provided with opportunities to excel at the job, both within the Club and, if they are interested, externally.

Referee assessments are a main component of the development program. During the spring season, each referee is assessed a minimum of two times, randomly and without prior notice. The assessments are conducted by the head referee, associate head referee and external assessors. 

The referee's performance is evaluated against standards established by Ontario Soccer. Following the game, the assessor communicates both the strengths and weaknesses of the on-field referee's performance. The results of these assessments are used to help determine each referee's future assignments.

NTSC has also implemented a mentorship program, whereby newer and younger referees will be assigned more experienced officials to whom they can turn for advice and pointers.

Our goal is to provide a rewarding experience and opportunities for our referees, and well-officiated games for all players and teams. If you have any comments about our refereeing program, you may contact our head referee at referees.