2019 Annual General Meeting

North Toronto Soccer honoured 10-year volunteers at the Annual General Meeting on November 25. The club has 500 volunteers, all of whose energy and dedication is sincerely appreciated. Those who have coached, managed teams and served on club committees for 10 years have made an exceptional commitment to our community soccer club.


Other 10-year volunteers including 2019:

David Currie John Mantzoris David Panneton Jamie Shulman
Mark Flowers Berry Meyerowitz Jonathan Pollack Paul Spagnolo
Andrew Herrmann Lawrence Nisker Bruce Robertson Richard Tattersall
Mark Karram Carlo Odorico    

At the club's Annual General Meeting, Peter Ellement (left), a 5-year member of the Board of Directors, was announced as Chair and President for 2019-2020.  Michael Eubanks (right) was Chair and President during the past 2 years, and has completed 6 years on the Board.


In Board elections, Mireille Landry (left) was re-elected to a 3-year term. Valerie Helbronner (right) was elected for the first time as a member of the Board of Directors. Mireille and Valerie each have 2 children in Nitros programs, and both are Team Managers.

Minutes of the November 25, 2019 Annual General Meeting