Board of Directors & Officers

The operations of North Toronto Soccer Club are overseen by an elected, volunteer Board of Directors. The Board strives to uphold the Club's constitution while ensuring that all of the Club's programs operate in a manner that adheres to our stated goal of providing all participants in our programs with a rewarding, enjoyable soccer-playing experience. The Board provides oversight of finances, club staff, programs and facilities; develops and monitors the Strategic Plan; and approves club policies while ensuring that they are implemented.

Board of Directors Annual General Meeting, November 30 2020



Corporate Officers

Helena Ruken President
Mireille Landry Secretary
Steve Tenai Treasurer


Directors' Terms

Name Joined Board  Current term expires in
Jen Bennett 2020 November 2023
Valerie Helbronner 2019 November 2022
Mireille Landry 2016 November 2022
Shamez Mangalji 2020 November 2023
Beth McCharles 2018 November 2021
Helena Ruken 2017 November 2023
Steve Tenai 2019  November 2021 

Directors may serve for 6 consecutive years on the Board

Elections and the filling of any vacancies are in accordance with the Club's constitution

To contact the Board of Directors, send an email to NTSC boardofdirectors