Ava Lund-Pedersen

Joining Annie Hamel’s Simon Fraser University squad next season is talented centre-back
Ava Lund-Pedersen. For Ava, the ability to play in the NCAA and stay in Canada was the key
in her commitment to the university.

Before joining North Toronto in October 2019, Ava played for SC Toronto and Toronto High
Park. Her development in those programs cannot be understated. “Gordon Sweetzer at
Toronto High Park turned me from a striker to a CB, gave me a ton of confidence, and
convinced me that I would have a bigger influence on the game from that position. Frank
and John Jonke of SC Toronto were my introductions to OPDL. They helped me grow as a
player with a lot of responsibility. They pushed me towards Provincial selections, even
though I never made the actual team, and told me that if I continue to grow as a player, I
would have a great chance at an NCAA scholarship. As well, Paulo Hurtado, the Technical
Director at SC Toronto during my time, who always believed in me.”

Furthermore, Ava’s experience in the College Prep program alongside Chris heightened her
development. “Coming from another club, Chris supported me as a player and pushed me
to be better. He created a professional atmosphere with high expectations and took me out
of my comfort zone. He’s very detail-oriented, and he has greatly increased my tactical
knowledge. If it weren’t for Chris, Simon Fraser wouldn’t have happened. He introduced
the opportunity and encouraged me to talk to them.”

After her return from her ACL injury, Ava looks to become a key player in the Simon Fraser
University backline, where they will compete in the Great Northwest Athletic Conference.