Morgan Fenton


North Toronto Nitros are happy to announce that Morgan Fenton has committed to University of Nebraska Omaha. The future Sociology & Mathematics student highlighted the competitive environment, the team culture and beautiful campus as her reasons for choosing to commit to UNO.


Fenton will be joining up with her new teammates and Head Coach Timothy Walters soon, here she explains what excites her about the upcoming season “Coming into the program this summer,  I am looking to work as hard as I can to be an impactful player and help my team compete for championships. I will aim to prepare as best I can to be as fit, sharp and healthy as possible so  that I can make waves in my first year.”


Progressing on to the next steps of a player's academic and athletic journey offers the  opportunity to set new goals, Fenton speaks about some of the things she intends to accomplish in her time at UNO. “I think I’ve been ready for this next step for some time and I’m so excited to immerse myself in the student-athlete lifestyle. I think the physicality and speed of play at the Division I level will be an excellent challenge which will help me develop as a player. Throughout my collegiate career, I will be working towards my ultimate goal of signing a professional  contract.”


North Toronto’s talented pathway is geared towards players who wish to progress in both their athletic and academic ability. Fenton speaks about the importance of the environment created at North Toronto and the impact it had on her development. “I think obviously the quality of soccer from the girls within North Toronto, playing top level opponents in League 1 and as well as playing against university programs has been super influential in my development as a player. The support of coaches at the club has also majorly helped me in being able to take this next step. Having Coach Chris as a liaison has had a massive impact on my recruiting process and I am forever thankful for all his time and effort. I am also immeasurably grateful for all my coaches and teammates who believed in me, as this process has been lengthy and challenging at times.

They’ve always motivated me to keep working hard and show resilience even when faced with difficult circumstances”


As with many players that have spent time at North Toronto, the coaching staff have made an impact on the future pathway to collegiate soccer. Fenton shares her experience working with Coach Chris Vickers. “I’ve really enjoyed playing for Coach Chris this past year and feel like I’ve learned a lot. I think he’s really helped advance my tactical understanding of the game and learn how to move more efficiently on the field in all of the 4 moments. I think he’s been excellent with providing all kinds of opportunities to help me become a well rounded player. I am extremely appreciative of him pushing me to be better and always asking for more. He creates a great environment where practice is always enjoyable, yet also effective and demanding”.


There has been a lot of support on the journey to committing to University and Fenton expressed her gratitude to those that support her to this point “Prior to coming to play with North Toronto, I played 2 years in the U.S. Development Academy with Empire United under Louis Guilfoil as well as 1 year with Burlington OPDL under Jordan Brown. Competing in the DA against high level American clubs was a great experience and undoubtedly influenced my development as a young player. I also owe a great deal of respect and appreciation to Davie Currie. He has always believed in me and pushed me to work hard even when no one was watching.”


There are always many positive moments within the college prep program at North Toronto. From games against Ivy League Universities, to playing in League One, Fenton finished our discussion by highlighting her favouritemoment from her time in the program.”Coming to practice each night is always the highlight of my day and I miss it even on my few days off. I think one of my best memories was scoring the first goal to break the 0-0 tie against Hamilton in the League 1 season. It was a great celebration and I loved sharing that moment and winning that game with my teammates