Olivia Smith


North Toronto Nitros are happy to announce that Olivia Smith has committed to Florida State University. The future Digital Media Production student will be joining the Seminoles with the aim of winning whilst getting a great education. “My ultimate goal is to win the ACC Conference and the NCAA Championship with my new team while getting a good education in a program that I am highly interested in. I’m looking forward to the challenge… I welcome challenge and I can't wait to get started”. 

The Canadian international will be joining up with her new teammates and Head Coach Mark Krikorian next year. Olivia explains what drew her to Florida State. “I decided to go to Florida State because I knew Mark Krikorian and his soccer program would be the best fit for me. I was drawn to Mark’s program from his style of coaching, the professionalism of the team, the diversity of the team, and how he clearly defined how he would help me achieve my goals”

 As with many players that have spent time at North Toronto, the coaching staff have made an impact on the future pathway to collegiate soccer. Olivia shares her experience of meeting and training with Coach Marko Milanovic for the first time. “After my first tryout with Marko and his 02 girls, I knew this was the coach and team for me. It’s funny but I actually committed to the team and Marko by the end of tryout before my parents even knew. From then up until now my relationship with Marko and the 02 girls is still very strong. We had a strong connection based on the passion we both have for the game.”

Olivia has had a lot of excellent mentors, coaches & support through her Soccer journey and cites Marko Milanovic & the NDC (Formerly REX) staff as an integral to her development. “I would first like to acknowledge Marko and North Toronto SC for all the support and providing me with a high level training environment. I would also like to thank all the staff and players that have been through the NDC program formally known as REX as they have continuously challenged me and pushed me to be a better player. I would like to give a special thank you to Alex Morales who helped guide me through the final stages of my recruitment process and led to my ultimate decision to attend Florida State University. There are so many other coaches, trainers and players that have impacted me and I will reach out and thank them personally!” 

With obvious talent and potential Olivia was called into the NDC Program (Formerly REX) after playing a year and a half with Marko Milanovic and the 02 girls team. Olivia reflects very fondly on what was an important part of her development. “My experience throughout those 3 years in the Canadian Rex program allowed me to train with some of the best female soccer players in the Province. This environment really pushed me both mentally and physically at a high level and has offered me many opportunities to further develop and excel.”

Olivia has now returned to North Toronto to train in preparation for her move to Florida State. The attacking midfielder/forward explains why she keeps coming back to NT. “The year and a half that I had spent with Marko and North Toronto as a club was one of my most memorable years of my soccer career. Between Coach Marko, my teammates including the 02 girls team and 03 boys team, and all the staff they have made this club feel like home to me. Marko and North Toronto have always welcomed me back anytime I needed additional training.”

Outside of her club, provincial & national team coaches, Olivia states that the support of her family was and is an integral part of her development and progress to this point. “I would like to give a HUGE shout out to my parents and family who have supported and continue to support me through my journey.”