Ryan Campbell

North Toronto Nitros are happy to announce that Ryan Campbell has committed to St. Lawrence University.  Ryan will play soccer for the St. Lawrence Saints in the NCAA. Ryan joined the Nitros OPDL program in 2017 and has played on the League1 Ontario team in 2021.

“I am excited about the opportunity to attend St. Lawrence University. I look forward to helping the team in its annual goal of winning the Liberty League conference championship and aiming for an NCAA title while at the same time receiving a strong education in a program that I enjoy.  I decided to commit to St. Lawrence for many reasons.  It offers an amazing liberal arts education, it has a strong and dedicated soccer program, and it has a stunningly beautiful campus.   Mike Toshack and Tyler Gallagher’s soccer program at SLU appealed to me in every way – it has high level training with a supportive environment, it has great emphasis on a respectful team culture and it puts importance on development as both a soccer player and as a person.  With that in mind, the program also states its intention to go all in for a league title or even an NCAA title, and I am committed to helping them achieve that in any way possible. 

Going to St. Lawrence would not be possible without the dedicated coaches and staff of the North Toronto Soccer Club.  I want to especially thank my current coach, Marko Milanovic, who has always demonstrated his belief in my abilities and was the one to recruit me from my former team in Aurora back in 2017.  Marko influenced my development in a significant way.  Thanks to his coaching, I became more aware of my surroundings with the ball, more in touch with creating space using faints/fakes, and furthered my knowledge of the game and awareness of certain situations.  My development also came from rigorous training and reinforcement of skills each session that ultimately prepared me for the collegiate level.  Also, having the opportunity to play in Ontario’s League 1 this season benefited me as it introduced me to high level semi-pro teams which furthered my development and experience in the game.

In addition, I want to thank all of my teammates for always keeping the practices intense and pushing me day in and day out to ensure that we kept getting better as a team.  I would also like to give tremendous thanks to my parents and family who have constantly supported me and guided me throughout this journey.  In particular, I would like to call out my Dad’s commitment to my development, including driving me 5 times a week to Toronto for practice, which is about an hour drive from where we live.  Without my Dad’s support I would not have had such a great opportunity with the North Toronto Soccer Club.”