NTSC Hall of Fame: Coaches

Inducted into the Hall of fame and presented with a Lifetime Award of Excellence at the Annual General Meeting, Novemver 24, 2014

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Alison Cumming                                                                      Sam Snell (representing father John) & Jim McManus

with Director Carita Sheehy                                                      with Director Michael Eubanks (centre)


Alison Cumming coached the 1994 Nitros                                John Snell and Jim McManus coached

girls team to success in the CGSL,                                           the Nitros 1989 boys to success in the

coached other teams, and developed                                       CSL and OSL, for 12 years to U21, and  

the first club coaching manual.                                                  coached other teams.



                                                                                                   John Snell with Director Carita Sheehy