Club Staff

Management and Administration

Billy Wilson  |  Executive & Technical Director

   Email: Billy Wilson 

Helen Hum  |  Manager of Finance

   Email:  Helen Hum

Nicolas Hurtado  |  Director of Business Operations

   Email:  Nicolas Hurtado

Vance Abreu  | Operations Manager

  Email: Vance Abreu

Elaine Beaupré  | Recreational Administrator and Office Manager

   Email (preferred): administration
   Phone: 416-924-9911 x 201

Jenna Kollias | Competitive Administrator

  Email: competitive  
Phone: 416-924-9911 x 202

Office Location

The NTSC administrative office is located at:

1041 Avenue Road, Suite 5, Toronto ON M5N 2C5

(northeast corner of Avenue Rd. and Eglinton Ave. West, 2nd floor)

office hours  map showing parking options

Match Officials

Adrian Tanjala  |  Head Referee

  Email: referees

Technical Staff link to webpage

Technical Managers and Coaches

NTSC Board of Directors link to webpage

Board of Directors