Active Start Program (U4 & U5)

At this introductory level, the objective is to get children moving and to keep them active as per our Long-Term Player Development Model (LTPD). No competitive games should be played – the objective is for adults and children to play together informally. We strive to create a program that is open, welcoming and fun while encouraging development in physical literacy.

In line with the Long-Term Player Development Model (LTPD), the most important focus at this stage is to build a foundation for all players physical literacy.

Coaches at this stage strive to create a positive, fun and engaging learning environment for players to learn in a fun-filled small-sided game environment.

Program Overview

The program goal is to provide to our youngest players and their parents with a “pressure free” introduction to the beautiful game of soccer. At this age, players should be exposed to soccer by playing simple, fun activities and games. The program is designed to provide young players with a combination of technical instruction and small-sided games (age appropriate) in a fun environment. The focus is on the development of player’s agility & co-ordination, motor skills and team participation.

The program follows the GAG model, which is the Game Activity Game. See curriculum below.

This program focuses on teaching the fundamental aspects of:

  • sport participation
  • sportspersonship
  • encouraging all young players to learn the different aspects of soccer
  • the development of physical and movement literacy

Building on the fundamental techniques, our program is designed to;

  • to allow participants to explore with the ball,
  • to engage with the foundational skills such as dribbling, passing, and shooting in a competition free environment

GAG Model

The use of the GAG Model – Game Activity Game – allows for a balance of coaching a specific topic within a game, developing that topic in the activity and allowing the players to implement that in the game for themselves without coaches constantly talking.

The second game is vital to allow players to make mistakes or do something great and so learn for themselves. Coaches will be there to encourage for this game and ensure player rotation.

Session Plans

Player development sessions are included in all divisions up to U12 and focus on building each player's confidence with the ball, under the supervision of our development coaches and their team coaches.

Session Plans

Spring Recreational Soccer Schedule
Summer Recreational Soccer schedule