“The North Toronto Soccer Club’s mission is to provide soccer players, coaches and parents of North Toronto the opportunities to learn, play and mature through the game of soccer, regardless of age, gender or capability. The Club objective is to ensure that these opportunities are obtainable in a fun and safe environment, while promoting the development of soccer.”

Welcome to the NTSC Competitive program, our soccer pathway leads to the Canadian National Soccer Team! 

We believe that the Club’s Pathway will develop better players and better people. A few players may aim for National, Provincial or University/College programs and we will assist them as they work toward these ambitious goals.

Welcome to the NTSC Competitive Pathway


Whether it is our Select, OPDL, League 1 or one of the club’s other Competitive paths, our Pathway provides a tactical map to achieve the goal of developing into a complete player. 

The Pathway will also allow all of our Competitive players to foster a lifelong love of the game, which may manifest itself in adult/senior soccer leagues, refereeing or coaching - all of which are destinations on our “Soccer for Life” path. 

Please take advantage of the Club’s resources as you walk the Competitive Pathway. 

To learn more about the Competitive Programs we offer please head over to our Nitros Program Overview.

Nitros Teams Considering New Players

2005 Boys OPDL recruiting High Performance players.

Please contact Head Coach Hermann Kingue

2004 Girls OPDL, searching for a goalkeeper.

Please contact Head Coach Henry McIntosh

2002 Girls OPDL, the 2017 OPDL champs are recruiting and if you are a High Performance player with the ambition to go to the next level this is your opportunity.

Please contact Head Coach Marko Milanovic 

2001 Girls- CSL Regional League, U17 Division

Head Coach Nordo Gooden

To arrange a session, please contact the head coach listed here to inquire about team availability.

Nitros News

Congratulations to our 2002 Girls OPDL, 2002 Boys OPDL, 2003 Girls OPDL & 2003 Boys OPDL!

Our 2002 Girls OPDL Nitros have clinched as OPDL League Champions, this is NTSC's first Ontario title!Great work girls and coaches! 

We'd like to recognize all the girls on the 2002 Girls OPDL Nitros for their outstanding hard work and development: Jade, Mackenzie, Olivia B., Keyosha, Sara, Sofia, Nicola, Lauren H., Lauren Hu., Samantha, Meghan, Ally, Kalea, Olivia R., Olivia S., Jasmine, Sonia.

As well as a big thank you to our incredible coaching staff: Marko Milanovic, 2002 Girls OPDL Head Coach, and Shane O'Flaherty, 2002 Girls OPDL Assistant Head Coach, Jeff Sanderson, Goalkeeper Coach.

Congratulations to our 2003 Girls OPDL Nitros! They have won the OPDL Charity Shield and the OPDL Central Division !

We'd like to recognize all the girls on our 2003 Girls OPDL Nitros for their incredible teamwork and development: Hayley, Elby, Ella, Quintin, Zara, Sophia C., Jessica, Emma M., Devon, Alya, Maddy, Katharine, Emma P., Montana, Nia, Olivia, Sophia L., Sierra.

As well, a big thank you to our amazing coaching staff: Marc Maunder, 2003 Girls OPDL Nitros Head Coach, and Chelsea Cheung, 2003 Girls OPDL Nitros Assistant Coach, Jeff Sanderson​, Goalkeeper Coach.


Our 2003 Boys OPDL Nitros have clinched as OPDL League Champions, this is NTSC's second Ontario title this year and the OPDL Charity Shield! Great work boys and coaches!

We'd like to recognize all the boys on the 2003 Boys OPDL Nitros for their incredible dedication, talent and development: Lucas, Matthew, Samim, Tadija, Kael, Noah, Cristian, Joshua, Hugo, Abdul, Jaylen, Andrew, Dennis, Nicholas, Daniel, Benjamin, Jeloni, Antonio, Alexis, Dylan, and Pablo.

As well as a big thank you to our outstanding coaching staff: Marko Milanovic, 2002 Boys OPDL Head Coach, and Octavian Ghidanac, 2003 Boys OPDL Assistant Head Coach, Jeff Sanderson​, Goalkeeper Coach.


The 2003 Boys OPDL won the Bethesda Cup this past weekend, this tournament is a showcase tournament. This is another amazing achievement for the boys following their success as Charity Shield and League champions.

More information about the Bethesda Cup click here​.


2002 North Toronto Nitros Boys League Promotion!

Congratulations to the 2002 North Toronto Nitros have been promoted to the Central Soccer League!

We would like to recognize the hard work and determination of our 2002 Boys and to continue to push forward in their development and progress.

As well, a big thank you to our amazing coaching staff: Martinho Kibato, 2002 North Toronto Nitros Boys Head Coach.

U13 Cincinnati Fall Ball Classic 

The 2005 Girls Nitros had a successful tournament in Cincinnati. They won all 4 matches, winning the final 3-0!

Great work and showcase of their talent and continued development!

We'd like to recognize all the girls on our 2005 Girls Nitros for their amazing display of technique and development: .

As well, a big thank you to our amazing coaching staff: Marc Maunder, 2005 Girls Nitros Head Coach, and Bill Sutherland, 2005 Girls Nitros Assistant Coach.

North Toronto Nitros Links

Competitive Program Overview

Competitive Club Policies

Competitive Parent FAQ's 

Competitive Tryout Information (Development Sessions)



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