Nitros Development Program Players of the Month

Why are we providing a player of the month and what we would like players/parents to do?

We are providing a player of the month for our Nitro's players to encourage them to watch the sport they love to play. It gives them role models within soccer for them to look up to and identify with. We ask that parents share the PDF with their child as each month they will notice that every player does not have the same pathway from when they were a child to where they are now. 

Why watch soccer highlights/live games?

There are lots of benefits to players watching games live or the highlights. We encourage players to watch games or part of games so they can learn from the very best.

They can watch to learn :

  • How their movements off the ball to support their teammates
  • How players use their skill moves/fakes in 1v1 situations 
  • How players make movements to get into goal scoring positions
  • How out of possession, a team hunts for the ball back quickly 
  • How players create separation for themselves to receive a pass
  • How a player plays a certain position, tactically where they are on the field in and out of possession
  • How many times a player scans the field looking for space/teammates/defenders
  • How players defend in 1v1 situations - patience/waiting for a heavy touch/head down to make a tackle
  • How teams attack and defend a set piece - corner/free kick/throw in

Player of the Month

March 2020- Female Tournaments and David De Bruyne

February 2020- Christine Sinclair and Alphonso Davies

January 2020- Adriana Leon and Trent Alexander-Arnold

December 2019 - Lucy Bronze and Harry Kane

November 2019- Janine Beckie and Chritian Pulisic