North Toronto Nitros Talent Development Program Overview

U8 - U11 Program - Talent Development Program

In seeking to maximize each participants contact with the ball, the NTSC Talent Development Program curriculum will centre on the development and refinement of individual technique across the spectrum of core skills such as passing, ball control, and dribbling, finishing, and overall ball mastery. The emphasis on ball familiarity will be delivered through coaches combining detailed instruction, demonstration and individual exploration. It is this comprehensive approach to skill development that will allow our young players to progress their technical abilities at an optimal rate.

The focus on individual technique is complemented by monthly sessions which challenge our participants to translate and perfect such skills within small sided games, group activities and in game scenario.

U8-U11 Nitros Team Pages

U8 (2010) Girls- Talent Development Program

U8 (2010) Boys- Talent Development Program

U9 (2009) Girls- Talent Development Program

U9 (2009) Boys- Talent Development Program

U10 (2008) Girls- Talent Development Program

U10 (2008) Boys- Talent Development Program

U11 (2007) Girls- Talent Development Program

U11 (2007) Boys- Talent Development Program

U8-U11 Nitros Teams Considering New Players

  • Tryouts will take place in September. For information, please click here.

To arrange a session, please contact the coach listed above via email.  If your age group/team is not listed, you may contact the head coach listed here to inquire about team availability

Talent Development Parent Handbooks

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U8-U11 Nitros Team Trials (Development Sessions)

U8-U11 Team Trials take place in the mid to late Fall. Please check here for updates on the schedule.

Competitive Tryout Information (Development Sessions)

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Competitive Tryout Information (Development Sessions)