Ontario Player Development League  OPDL   

2018-2019 OPDL U13-U19 Trials 

U13-U19 OPDL Trials

The OPDL trials will happen through the month of November 2018. 

The training days are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Please contact the age group Head Coach if you are interested in scheduling a tryout.

U13 (2006) Girls - Iain Kingiain@northtorontosoccer.com

U13 (2006) Boys - Ilya Orlov, ilya@northtorontosoccer.com

U14 (2005) Girls - Marc Maunder, marc@northtorontosoccer.com

U14 (2005) Boys - Marko Milanovic, marko@northtorontosoccer.com

U15 (2004) Girls - Ilya Orlov, ilya@northtorontosoccer.com

U15 (2004) Boys - Iain King, iain@northtorontosoccer.com

U16/U17 (2003/2002) Girls - Marc Maunder, marc@northtorontosoccer.com

U16/U17 (2003/2002) Boys - Marko Milanovic, marko@northtorontosoccer.com

U19 (2000) Men - Hermann Kingue, hermann@northtorontosoccer.com

2018-2019 OPDL Trial Guidelines

For any other questions about OPDL please contact Marc Maunder