Ontario Player Development League  OPDL   

2018-2019 OPDL U13-U19 Trials 

U13-U19 OPDL Trials

If you are interested in scheduling a trial, or have missed the trial dates, please contact the Head Coach listed below.

The indoor training days are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

U13 (2006) Girls - Iain Kingiain@northtorontosoccer.com

U13 (2006) Boys - contact Technical Director: Billy Wilson billy@northtorontosoccer.com

U14 (2005) Girls - Marc Maunder, marc@northtorontosoccer.com

U14 (2005) Boys - Marko Milanovic, marko@northtorontosoccer.com

U15 (2004) Girls -​ contact Technical Director: Billy Wilson billy@northtorontosoccer.com 

U15 (2004) Boys - Iain King, iain@northtorontosoccer.com

U16/U17 (2003/2002) Girls - Marc Maunder, marc@northtorontosoccer.com

U16/U17 (2003/2002) Boys - Marko Milanovic, marko@northtorontosoccer.com

2018-2019 OPDL Trial Guidelines

For any other questions about OPDL please contact Marc Maunder