Toronto Soccer Association and North Toronto Soccer Club are both working with Holland Bloorview Concussion Centre - see below.

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Mission Statement

The North Toronto Soccer Club has partnered with Holland Bloorview to provide the best concussion education and care for our youth players.

Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital is Canada’s largest pediatric rehabilitation hospital and a world leader in youth concussion. Youth brains are still developing and require a unique to concussion care. Our concussion centre includes clinicians specifically trained in pediatric brain injury and researchers who are leading experts in the field of youth concussion.

Below you will find links and helpful resources for players, families, coaches, and volunteers specific to the identification, management, and recovery process related to concussion.


Concussion Education Resources:

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Concussion Handbook:


Free Concussion Management & Education Sessions


Baseline Testing Program:

A baseline concussion test is a pre-season exam involving a combination of neuro-cognitive and physical tests that provides a pre-injury picture of the brain and body performance.

In the event of a concussion, the baseline test is repeated. Comparing post-injury test results to baseline test results gives specialists critical information to:

  1. Get the right diagnosis
  2. Better assess the impact of the concussion
  3. Assist in the design of an individualized rehabilitation program
  4. Determine when it is truly safe for your child to return to school/sport

Holland Bloorview has developed a ground-breaking baseline testing program specifically for youth ages 10-18. As part of the baseline testing program, individuals who sustain a concussion can receive injury management care from a team of trained health care professionals at no additional cost. 

Baseline testing will be provided in May in coordination with your club. More information will be sent out soon to all coaches.

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Have a question or need more information, contact Holland Bloorview’s Concussion Centre at:


Twitter: @KidsConcussion

Phone: 416-425-6220 ext. 6490