Midtown in Focus      imgdwheXCaWAl.png

The Midtown in Focus document and accompanying Staff Report are completed! You can review these documents by clicking this City of Toronto Planning link:Midtown in Focus

Under the direction of three City Councillors and planning staff, theMidtown Planning Group has developed a Yonge/Eglinton “parks, open space, and streetscape master plan”. This area, already lacking in public space, is experiencing an influx of new development and rapid population growth.  

The Yonge/Eglinton area includes parts of 3 city wards and 2 planning areas (North York and Toronto-East York). Several unrelated development projects are at various stages of planning, approval or construction. The goal is to create a comprehensive public space planning platform to be considered in new development planning as well as to address current space needs.

There are no specific proposals for Eglinton Park in the Midtown Planning presentation.   

Eglinton Park Master Plan in 2015

A related but separate process, an Eglinton Park Master Plan, is expected to commence in 2015. During the Midtown consultation process, suggestions were made including accommodating more outdoor “passive sports” as well as active sports, and improving access into the park and around the park.  

Through City of Toronto Section 37 infrastructure funds (from development projects exceeding permitted density), there will be opportunities to finance improvements to Eglinton Park. In late 2014 the playground will be expanded and redesigned with the $500,000 to $600,000 cost so covered. www.karenstintz.com

The Master Plan process will take into consideration the current and possible future uses of Eglinton Park, with ample opportunity for stakeholders to contribute.  

Active Sports at Eglinton Park      imgeljHNSUDnB.png

As part of the Midtown Planning process, North Toronto Soccer Club made a presentation at the public meeting advocating active sports at Eglinton Park and highlighted these topics:

  • Role of Eglinton Park as the centre of sports activities for North Toronto
  • Growing population of children and youths, and the shortage of sports fields
  • Current use of the Eglinton Park sports field
  • Recommendations: Midtown Planning and Eglinton Park

As stated in the presentation, North Toronto Soccer Club believes that there are opportunities to enhance the Eglinton Park experience for current and future users, and that there is adequate space in the underdeveloped areas of the park to provide for additional activities. The club is looking forward to the Eglinton Park Master Plan process.