This indoor recreational leagues is offered to players born between 2008 and 2011 the opportunity to play in weekly organized games throughout the late fall and winter in local school gyms. The style of play is different from the outdoor season, as the games take place in school gyms using a 5v5 format. There are no designated breaks for substitutions, players enter and leave the field frequently and the ball is almost always in motion. As well, the league uses futsal (indoor soccer) balls, which are heavier than outdoor balls in order to reduce bouncing.   

All of these aspects of the winter program help players work on their short passes, their quickness and their reaction times, skills which can be readily applied to the outdoor season. Plus, as players and coaches might tell you, the fast-paced indoor game is also a lot of fun!  

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Program Dates and Schedules  (no games on holidays or school breaks)

2010-2011 Oct 24-Mar 6 Tuesdays  6:30pm-7:30pm Bialik Hebrew DS
2008-2009 Oct 24-Mar 6 Tuesdays  7:30pm-8:30pm Bialik Hebrew DS 

2010-2011 Oct 25-Mar 21 Wednesdays 6:30pm-7:30pm Bialik Hebrew DS  & Lawrence Pk CI
2008-2009  Oct 25-Mar 21 Wednesdays 7:30pm-8:30pm Bialik Hebrew DS  & Lawrence Pk CI

Early Registration Fees (must register by Septembe

Early Registration Fees (must register by September 28): $325 per player
Late Registration Fees (starting September 29): $345 per player 

The fee includes: gym and supervision; uniform (jersey, shorts and socks), referees, Ontario Soccer registration (including insurance), medals. There’s a $10 discount for multiple family members/registrations (indoor only).

Refund Policy

upon receipt of written notification to administration@ntsoccer.com.  
- by September 15: full fee less a $30 admin fee
- by September 29: 50% of fee
- September 30 or later: no refund except for certifiable medical reasons reported within 7 days of a diagnosis.
- Fees are non-transferable. 


If you are interested in coaching your son or daughter’s team, please let us know when filling out the online registration form.   

Team Sponsorship

The fee to sponsor a team is $300. If you are interested in sponsoring your child’s team this winter, please contact us at: sponsors@ntsoccer.com.  


Please note: we do not accept requests to be on the same team as a friend.  

Teams are balanced to the best of the club's ability based on age, coach evaluations from previous seasons.
Players will need to wear shin-guards as well as either indoor soccer shoes or clean, white-soled running shoes to play.